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Nestled in the heart of the Litchfiled Hills, TerryAllen Farms is a horse utopia.  We are a small boarding facility with the finest services, trainers, and staff, and we invite you to come and experience all that we have to offer.   Boarding consists of matted stalls with individual daily turnout plus many more features shown below.  If you are looking for individualized care for your horse contact us today.

Board Includes:

Daily Turnout

2 Outdoor Rings

New 90×180 indoor riding arena

20-Meter Round Pen

Wash stalls (with warm water)


Grain and Hay fed multiple times per day.

Owners On The Premises

Horse Training

At TerryAllen Farms we provide professional training for young & inexperienced horses as well as older horses with training challenges. We pride ourselves on taking time to customize a program that suits each horses individual needs to bring out it’s full potential.  We believe a solid foundation, and an understanding of the horse and rider are key to achieving a successfully trained horse.

Training can consist of:


Proper Leads

Proper Riding